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Our Quality

Helptoday are very open and honest about the origin and quality of our spare parts. Our philosophy is as follows: parts such as cylinder covers, cylinder liners and pistons are sourced from high quality manufacturers mainly in Germany. Where required we can provide Lloyds certification.

Critical items such as bearings, piston rings and valves are purchased mainly from the OEM that is approved for that specific engine type. Each item will bear the manufacturers stamp and part numbers. Items such as joints and seals are made in Germany or neighbouring EEC countries.

The subject of what constitutes an OEM part is an often discussed matter in our industry. The engine builder may tell you that the only place that an OEM part can be purchased is through themselves. This is self-serving and simply untrue.

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. Therefore when we quote for a part and say that it is OEM, it is from the same manufacturer and the same factory that the engine builders purchases that component from. Therefore all of our OEM parts supplied are manufactured to the latest specification.


740 ISO 9001:2008