Marine Engine Parts


The German engine builder MAK was originally known as Maschinenbau Kiel GmbH before becoming part of the Krupp group in 1964. The company was purchased by Caterpillar in 1997.

Helptoday can supply the complete range of spare parts for the older generation of MAK engines - M281, 282, 331, 332, 332C, 451, 452, 453AK, 453C, 551, 552, 552C,  M601, 601C. This includes cylinder heads, pistons, cylinder liners as well as the consumable items such as bearings, valves, piston rings and fuel injection.

For the newer generation M20 and M32 we can offer a similar range. For the newer engines M25 and M43 our range is continually developing and expanding. In particular we keep large stock of MAK 453 spares, both 453AK and 453C. These include pistons, cylinder heads, cylinder liners and cylinder head spares (for example inlet and exhaust valves).